Day Services

Tamir provides a variety of day services based on individual ability, needs and interests to help ensure each person enjoys meaningful day time experiences. Supports include opportunities for community integration, volunteer and work options and recreation programming.

Tamir’s original Day Program is located on the Soloway Jewish Community Campus. The program emphasizes recreational and leisure activities, life skills development and volunteer options.

Tamir’s Passages Program helps individuals obtain employment, educational and recreational opportunities that are best suited to their skills, interests and needs. Community partners provide opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful activities and relationships so that they may learn, grow, thrive and make meaningful contributions to the community. Tamir is proud of our relationships with over 30 community partners through the Passages program. (See the list of partners attached.)

Tamir is also pleased to be a partner regarding the MCCSS Passport program. Funds acquired by individuals/families directly from Passports can be utilized to purchase day services from Tamir. Funding applications for Passport are available through the Ontario March of Dimes.

For more information on Tamir Day Services, contact Estelle Allen, Day Services Supervisor at 613-851-7476 or at