Keshet Community Connections (KCC)

Providing your child with personalized support to thrive in the community summer camp experience. 

What is KCC?

Keshet Community Connections cultivates the spirit and practice of inclusion in all parts of the community by providing Integration Aides to support children and youth with developmental, emotional, social, learning, and/or behavioural challenges who are enrolled in local summer day camps.

What is the role of an Integration Aide?

The Integration Aide provides a safe and fun environment while following specific, customized plans to help best support your child and reach personalized goals while at summer day camp.

How is the personalized plan developed?

After completing the online application form, you will be contacted by the KCC Supervisor and the Clinical Supervisor to complete the intake process and help us get to know your child. Families will then collaborate with the Clinical Supervisor to develop a plan with individualized goals that are realized through integration aides.

After a decision is agreed upon around the weeks of support being provided, your child will be matched with one of our integration aides who will support and encourage your child to meet the goals within the context of the regular camp activities so your child will have the best possible camp experience.

What is the cost of the KCC program?

KCC services and Integrational Aides are provided for your child at no additional cost.


Please reach out to the Keshet Community Connections Supervisor at

To get started, please fill out the application form.

Tamir is grateful to be subsidized by Jewish Federation of Ottawa and the M.B. Lewis Charitable Foundation in support of this program.

We look forward to supporting your child!

*Keshet Community Connections is happy to announce that we are planning to expand to support kids throughout the year. Every community event is a chance for the family to go out together and for kids to improve their skills.*