About Us

Tamir is the Hebrew word which means tree or “to stand tall”. As an organization, the symbolism of this word reflects our vision, mission and values; standing tall, strongly rooted within the community, and most importantly, providing support to those around us.

Our Mission

“Tamir is a proud and caring team of participants, families, volunteers and professionals dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities realize their potential in a supportive Jewish environment through opportunities for personal growth and community involvement.”

Our Vision

Tamir will be widely known and valued as a Jewish social service leader providing high quality, comprehensive services to people with developmental disabilities.

Our Values

We believe it is essential that our work reflects our commitment to:

  • Creating a Jewish environment within Tamir which supports Jewish learning, individual spirituality and the values of Jewish life;
  • Respecting, celebrating, promoting and responding to the uniqueness, potential and ability of each individual participating in Tamir’s many programs;
  • Involving families as partners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services to our participants;
  • Helping individuals, families and volunteers to achieve their goals;
  • Being accountable to the individuals and community we serve
  • Advocating with and on behalf of the community of individuals and families whom we serve and with whom we have common interests;
  • Supporting a healthy work environment and life-long learning for our staff and volunteers.

Did you know? Tamir was founded in 1980 by a group of dedicated individuals and families who identified a need for community living in a Jewish environment for adults with developmental disabilities in the Ottawa area.