Our Work

Tamir provides supports for persons with developmental disabilities in a Jewish environment and to members of the community at large. Residential services provide group home living, a respite care program, and supported independent living and outreach services for people living on their own. Day services include an employment supports program and several recreation/life skills program.

Tamir provides support through the following programs and services:

➤ Residential Services – Group Living, TimeShare/Respite, Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Outreach.

➤ Day Programs – Recreational and leisure activities, plus supported employment and volunteer match programs.

➤ Judaic Outreach Programs – Community Shabbat Dinner, Holiday Celebrations, the Neshama Choir, visual arts programs

➤ Keshet Connections for Kids – Offering summer camp experiences for children and teenagers with developmental disabilities.

Quality of Care

All organizations strive to ensure quality of service and to promote a philosophy where continuous improvement is the goal. The MCCSS conducts comprehensive audits annually with transfer payment agencies such as Tamir, based on the requirements specified under the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

This legislation was used to create a series of Quality Assurance Measures, designed to provide a consistent approach, a high standard for health and safety, and to reduce risk within our services. For more information, please read the Ministry Guide to the Regulation on QAM.
(link to: www.mcss.gov.on.ca/documents/en/mcss/publications/developmental/DS_PlainLangGuide_ENG_web.pdf)

Tamir welcome these measures and the MCCSS compliance audit process as an opportunity to ensure the highest level of service is provided. For our own internal purposes, Tamir has developed several audit and evaluation systems to monitor the services we provide to the individuals we support and the program administration systems that guide our operational activities.

Personal Outcomes Planning

Tamir’s Personal Outcomes Planning (POP) process includes an assessment of each individual’s needs and their supports each year. By using a person centred approach to our annual planning processes, we are better able to ensure meaningful goals are identified, the services we offer are responsive to needs and wishes, and supports are delivered in a caring, respectful and effective manner. Action plans are identified to meet goals with the individuals over the coming year and the POP plan is then implemented. The extent to which these plans have been successful is evaluated each year when the POP is reviewed and the plan is updated.

Tamir is committed to cultivating an environment where continuous improvement and quality of service is evident in our day to day operations. By using person centred thinking tools to assess individual needs and interests, the POP process to formally document the supports needed to achieve goals that are identified and audit and evaluation tools we have developed to monitor our systems, we feel we are one step closer to this goal.