Residential Services at Tamir

Group Living

Tamir operates 7 group living homes in the west Ottawa area. These residences provide individuals an opportunity to live with peers in a warm, inviting home environment. Support is provided up to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Each participant has a dedicated staff person that acts as their Primary Counselor to ensure all areas of their lives, financial, medical, family, community and cultural involvement are managed.

Tamir opened their newest residence in the fall of 2008. The Riddell residence is a unique environment, where 3 different levels of support are provided within one site. This project is part of the de-institutionalization initiative lead by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and provides a community home for individuals with varying levels of independence.

For more information on Tamir residential services, please contact Laurie Oakley, Residential Operation Manager at 613-725-3519, ext. 110 or at

Supported Independent Living/Outreach

Assistance is available through this program to individuals who are semi-independent. Whether living in their own homes or in Tamir housing, participants may receive up to 35 hours of support a week, according to individual need.

Tamir staff assists individuals to manage their money, keep their homes clean and well maintained, look for jobs or volunteer work, cook healthy meals and ensure their medical needs are addressed.

Time Share Accommodations

Tamir's Time Share program serves as a respite for family caregivers and a new living and learning experience for participants. One-month stays are shared on a rotational basis, averaging three times per year. While at Timeshare, individuals have a chance to meet new friends, become involved in the community, learn new skills and gives participants a feel for what it means to live away from home.

In-home Respite

Tamir provides in-home respite to individuals living in the community, usually with their parents. In home-respite gives families a chance to take a breather from the constant care of their loved one and allows the individual an opportunity to meet new people and try new activities with the assistance of Tamir staff.

Applying for Residential Services

For general information on applying for government funded services in the Ottawa area.

For more information on Tamir residential services, please contact Laurie Oakley, Residential Operation Manager at 613-725-3519 or at 110 or at