Tamir is a caring team of participants, families, volunteers and professionals dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities realize their potential in a supportive Jewish environment through opportunities for personal growth and community involvement. We are a growing social service organization. 

      Here is a summary of positions and schedules that are typically available:

      Part-time which involve two 12 hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays on an every second weekend rotation.

      From time to time, full-time positions may be available, depending on the needs of the programs.  

      The Rover is a full-time position, guaranteed 32 hours per week or 64 hours a pay period.  Tamir has the right to schedule Rovers for up to 44 hours per week or 80 hours a pay period.  Rovers have a set schedule where they must be available to be called in for shifts with little or no notice.  Rovers are compensated for their availability with a $100 a week on-call premium in addition to their hourly rate of pay for hours worked.  Rovers have two set days off per week, including every second weekend off, based on their schedule.  There are rules in place around maximum hours that can be worked by anyone at Tamir.  Shifts may be scheduled at any Tamir location and orientation is provided.

      Relief positions are also available.  Relief staff are scheduled based on needs of the programs and their availability to work.

      Please ensure your availability is clearly communicated at the time of application.  Open positions that meet your availability will be further discussed with qualified candidates during the recruitment process.

      We would like to thank you in advance for your interest in Tamir.  Those candidates who meet our recruitment criteria will be contacted within two weeks of receipt of the on-line application form to discuss potential employment opportunities at Tamir.